Why do I have so much Energy now that I am in my Second Trimester?

The fact of the matter remains that the second trimester of pregnancy tends to be the time when you will feel your best.  Generally speaking, by the time that you are in your second trimester, your morning sickness has passed.  In addition, your baby has not grown so big yet as to make things too terribly uncomfortable for you, at least not compared to how your baby will make you feel during the third trimester.  In addition, you may find that you have more energy in your second trimester than at any other time of your pregnancy.

There are specific reasons why you have this newfound energy.  One of the most obvious is that you are probably sleeping a lot better during the second trimester than you did during the first trimester.  With the pregnancy-related nausea gone and many of the early pregnancy anxieties out of the way, many women find themselves getting a good night’s rest throughout the second trimester.  In addition, much of the more difficult work that has to happen to your baby is just about done.  Most of her organs, while not fully strengthened, have started to grow, and those early stages of your baby’s development are complete.  From here on out, most of what your baby needs to do is just grow.

It is important that you take advantage of this extra energy level.  This is the best time for you to travel, for example, although traveling certainly isn’t forbidden at other times during pregnancy.  This is also the best time to engage in an increased exercise routine, although you will still want to keep things at the moderate level of exercise, and avoid any exercises that involve jarring motions or could result in abdominal impact.  Also, you should be sure to limit your exercise to periods in which your heart rate is accelerated between 120 and 140 beats per minute for no more than 20 minutes.  Be sure to listen to your body’s signals, and to stop if it hurts.

If you don’t experience the second-trimester energy burst, don’t worry too much.  While it is not very common, some women do experience fatigue throughout all of their pregnancy.  If this fatigue is severe or doesn’t let up at all, it might be worth mentioning to your health care provider.  There may be treatment options available for your fatigue.

Leila Pereira
Leila Pereirahttps://pregjourney.com
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