How Should I Tell my Husband I am Pregnant?

Telling your husband that you are pregnant can be difficult or it can be exciting, depending on your particular situation.  Of course, if your husband has been out of town for six months and you’re three months pregnant, telling him that you are pregnant can be a disaster!  Most of the time, however, if you’ve been trying to conceive, letting your husband know that you are pregnant can even be a fun exercise.  There are many ways that you can choose to surprise your husband with this wonderful news.

When thinking about how to tell your husband that you are pregnant, you should try to pick a place and a time that matches your style, or means something special to your relationship.  You might decide to tell him over dinner at his favorite restaurant.  You might do it via an e-card.  You might decide to wake him up in the middle of the night, especially if your baby was conceived in the same way!

You might think about using a more indirect way to tell your husband that you are pregnant.  You could use a prop of some sort, like a rattle.  Of course, there is the old cliché’ of the expectant mother knitting a baby bootie when the husband comes home from work.  This can be especially a fun way to tell your husband if you are pregnant if you don’t normally knit!

You can be sneaky.  You could put a pacifier in his lunch box.  You could just sort of hint that your period is late.  You can put a note under his pillow.  You could make a video announcement, and play it during a commercial of his football game.  (There’s a good chance, even if he’s watching the Super Bowl, that you’ll get his attention for at least a few minutes!)

One creative way to tell your husband that you are pregnant, for example, would be to put a note in his pocket or on his plate that says “ready or not.”  When he asks about it, don’t tell him anything.  Then, write “here I come!” on your belly, and make sure that you change in front of him when you go to bed.

Regardless of how you tell your husband that you are pregnant, it is sure to be a memorable moment.

Leila Pereira
Leila Pereira
I work in occupational therapy and occupational science. I specialize in early intervention pediatrics for children from birth to three years old; with an emphasis on children with autism. My goals are to support the achievement of developmental milestones in your child while collaborating with caregivers & parents; including play skill development, education, leisure, rest and sleep, feeding, nutrition and social participation. Licensed by the California Board of Occupational Therapy

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