Positive Pregnancy Test but No Pregnancy Symptoms – Will I Miscarry?

The excitement and joy of getting your first positive pregnancy test is starting to fade, now you are wondering where all those wonderful pregnancy symptoms are.
Depending on how early into the pregnancy you took the test, these symptoms may not start for a good few weeks. The fertilized embryo implants into the uterus between 5-12 days past ovulation, symptoms will not start before this time because the body is unaware that the pregnancy is even there.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

In the early stages of pregnancy, most symptoms won’t be strong enough to cause major problems. You may be urinating frequently (even throughout the night), you may have some mild nausea, be extremely fatigued, and have food cravings/aversions. Some women also experience bloating and gas, mild period-like cramps and tender or ?heavy? breasts.
As the pregnancy progresses, these symptoms may increase or they may not.

No Pregnancy Symptoms – Will I Miscarry?

Miscarriage worries are the most common of worries for moms-to-be in early pregnancy. You?ll soon come to realize that pregnancy brings a whole new meaning to the word worry, and you’ll be faced with many. The lack of pregnancy symptoms does not mean that a miscarriage is imminent. Every pregnancy is different, even if you suffered symptoms with your last pregnancy, it doesn?t mean you will with this one. Sometimes miscarriage worry comes from symptoms ‘disappearing’. You might have severe morning sickness for a week or so, and then it seems to just disappear. This often causes panic and many calls to the Dr. Unfortunately, nobody knows why some mothers get morning sickness and others don’t. Even if your symptoms do start and then disappear, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will miscarry.

Getting that first positive pregnancy test is the start of a wonderful but worrisome journey!

Leila Pereira
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