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Use Drano to Predict Your Baby’s Gender


For a long time, there have been women who have used Drano for gender prediction.  While there are no scientific studies to support whether or not using Drano for gender prediction works, there are indeed women who claim to have indeed used Drano for gender prediction.

First of all, it is important to consider a couple of factors before trying to use Drano for gender prediction.  The first is the fact that, as noted above, there is no proof that this method works.  Second, it is important to recognize that the fumes that come from the mixture of urine and Drano have not been tested, in terms of potentially harmful effects on pregnancy.  There are other, much more safe ways that a woman might consider, rather than using Drano for gender prediction.  Apart from a genetic test, for example, an ultrasound will generally be the most accurate method of gender prediction.

Having said that, here is how to use Drano for gender prediction.  After the fourth month of pregnancy, you will need to collect around two to three ounces of your urine.  It is thought to be best if this is the first urine of the morning.  You will then mix this urine with around 2 tablespoons of the crystal form of Drano.  The mixture will have a chemical reaction rather quickly, and here is when you will especially what to avoid the fumes.  Once the chemical reaction stops, you should look at the color of the mixture.  If the mixture becomes a dark brown type color within the first 10 seconds or so, you are going to have a boy.  If it doesn’t darken, and if it doesn’t change color after ten to 15 seconds, you are going to have a girl.  Obviously, this mixture should be carefully disposed of after it has been used.

If you do insist on using Drano for gender prediction, it is probably best all around if you have someone else actually mix and to handle the Drano to avoid any unnecessary risk to you or to your baby.